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dog running with toy
Golden Retriever
Taking the dog for a walk

Help us save lives as we care for your furry family members

We will love your pet as much as you do.

Cove Animal Rescue is dedicated to provide top quality care for all of our animals and we are excited to extend this care to you. We know that it is difficult leaving your furry friend behind and we are here to help! Let us care for your dogs the same way that you would care for them at home. Our dedicated, trained staff members will make sure that your pet is safe, secure and has plenty of attention and outdoor time.  And the proceeds from the boarding will go to a great cause- Cove Animal Rescue- helping to cover the costs of food, medical needs and other necessities for the animals at Cove Animal Rescue. Not only will you be worry free during your vacation, but you will also be adding a great benefit to the community.

Our Story

Interested about Cove Animal Rescue? Want to know how we started? 

Our Facility

Quality care is important to us, whether it's your pet our hours. Find out more about our facility

Our Hours

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All of these aninals live at our shelter!

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